About us

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are having a beautiful life! If yes, share with us! If not, tune into us!

Life is a gift lived once. While we don’t control absolutely the circumstances we live in, we do control our attitude, our responses. These depend on our mental and emotional structure! Mind is a vast subject and has many layers to it. But in this message, we are referring to the stream of infinite thoughts that cross our consciousness space, making us feel happy or sad or angry or safe or insecure or motivated and so on.

Karmic Realms is my dream project which will unfold in front of you as time passes. Karmic Realms News is its mouthpiece. It was created to balance the media stream and beep with positivity everyday. We are continuously looking for more and more positivity, more and more creative and constructive processes. We are focussing on the good that is happening in the world. We wish to radiate with positivity every day.

While we cannot change your circumstances, we can definitely strive to create a positive space in you which can help you maintain a positive attitude and create positive reactions to your circumstances, thereby maintaining a healthier, happier and positive life.

The way the mind creates thoughts is an input-output mechanism. What we take in through our senses, conversations, readings, radio, television, YouTube, Netflix, etc. is processed by mind at an unbelievable speed and it gives outputs accordingly in the form of our own thoughts, words, actions, reactions, etc.

Thus, Karmic Realms News is a genuine effort to feed your mind with positivity and goodness with a touch of beauty, creativity, motivation and inspiration so that the outcome is similar!

As of the date of writing this message, Karmic Realms News is being supported by me. However, it is planned to be handed over to the Karmic Realms Karaum Foundation which shall maintain it.

Live life, be positive, enjoy!

Nitin Nanda 

Credits for my team members for the excellent work they are doing:

Artur Zaitsev: Website, Design, SMM Manager