“Character is the sum total of all our everyday choices.” – Margaret Jensen


In numerous previous reflections, we focus on this idea of “choices”, how they present themselves in many forms and the potential positive outcomes of making the right ones.

At times, we’ve either hinted at, or been highly specific about, how our choices affect our perception of ourselves and the reality around us – at other times, we’ve touched on how that reality around us will respond to these various versions of ourselves, which are manifested as a result of the choices we make.

Here though, we have an all-encompassing view, based on the premise that absolutely everything we say, think, feel and do creates who we are, every day, at every moment and on every level. And, further to that, everyone around us will build their perception of us based on our behaviours, which are themselves governed by how we perceive ourselves.

Our actions determine our character – and every single one of them is a choice. We can define “character” as being the mental and moral qualities that are distinctive to an individual, so all our decisions, conscious and subconscious, add up to ‘who we really are’

Given that, we are encouraged to increase self-awareness not only so we might feel better about the choices we make in life but also to make better ones in the first place. Choices made out of habit, or instinct or impulse are not always the best ones for us – and we can sometimes redefine our character unwittingly or unintentionally by being insufficiently aware.

The more aware we are of why we make the choices we make, their underlying motives and our intentions for making them, the more likely we are to build the kind of positive character we seek, one which serves us well and also contributes to the betterment of our surroundings, which others then can benefit from and feel motivated by – the choices we make today can and do influence the choices that others make tomorrow.

Making the right ones now will prepare us for that tomorrow being a better one for everyone; from the choices we make in things like our diets or shopping patterns, to how we interact with our loved ones or colleagues or even strangers. Everything we do is a reflection of who we are inside – positive choices build positive character which help build a positive planet. 

What choices can you make today that are different from your habitual ones? What can you change today that will add to a better character for yourself and for others?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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