“Don’t be content with being average – it means you are as near to the bottom as to the top!”- Author unknown


Firstly, an important disclaimer – this is neither about motivating you to become an overachiever nor is it about shaming anyone who actually is content to be what they perceive as ‘average’ – it’s absolutely okay if that is your choice – it is respected and supported here, plus ‘average’ is a matter of perspective anyway 🙂

So, at whom is this comment aimed then? Perhaps you are someone who is always looking to grow, to push oneself beyond self-imposed limitations or who dares to defy conventional thinking and refuses to be put in a cage or box (metaphorically, of course).

Growth, expansion and self-development require courage if we are to become better versions of ourselves. This courage is fuel for our motivation, not necessarily to exceed beyond our capabilities but rather to discover where our true limitations lie – because, more often than not, they are further than we thought!

And, when we do find where our boundaries can be pushed and extended, we find ourselves in territory we can hardly call ‘ordinary’ – it’s where we discover how we can become extraordinary – and when was ‘extraordinary’ ever seen as ‘average’?

We have within us the innate ability to test where we are comfortable at – even then, we can often experience discomfort when we are learning something new – it doesn’t have to be painful per se, yet that sense of unease or uncertainty often has a cause that can be traced back to things like self-doubt, fear of the unknown or a misplaced sense of unworthiness……

Whatever the reason is, you can very likely think of examples in your life where you have journeyed beyond ‘average’ and discovered yourself in ‘extraordinary’ circumstances, with the thrill of the experience of growth that often accompanies that space.

What can you do today that takes you beyond the average space you already know you want to break free from? How can you take yourself closer to the top of that hill you’ve been climbing?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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