“Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing little things well.- H. Jackson Brown Jr.


There are many aspects to work done well – we tend to focus on the bigger, overarching objectives, or the lofty ideas, or the specific measurables and goals that need hitting in order to define ‘success’. Then there are all the other tasks, the ones we might think of as ‘minor’ – the ones that, if we are not careful, slip by or we pay less attention to.

These so-called ‘minor’ tasks though can be far more important than the principal goal – because they might be the very thing we need to get absolutely right in the first place if our client, partner, family member or friend is to place their trust in our service or relationship or friendship. That trust is hard-earned and easily broken, resulting in mutual dissatisfaction.

Doing the tasks we tend to relegate to the status of ‘minor’ can feel like a slog at times – yet it is precisely in doing them well that sets the right impression of how deeply we care about the connection between us and them. 

When we do those “little things well”, it shows we care at every level – and they can even be the foundation to a successful and more than satisfactory exchange between us and our clients, partners, families and friends, thus resulting in mutual satisfaction. 

The more we practise this attention to the smaller details, the greater respect and trust we gain from those to whom we are in service, whatever the context. When we show we care at every level, we are accepted, encouraged and trusted at every level. That’s something to savour and to enjoy!

Which small details can you focus on today that can make the bigger picture more complete? Which regular, almost habitual tasks can you pay more attention to, so that they are done well, consistently, even enjoyably?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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