“Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Another way of saying “wills” is “wants” – it’s the Old English word with the same root, derived from the Norse ‘vilja’. Just in case there was any confusion here, this is about us wanting to “hear the inner voice”. And not everybody does. Why not?

The inner voice that is within everyone is often the guiding one that tells us the truth, tells us what we need to hear. Admittedly, not all the time and not in everyone, but generally speaking it suffices in order to make the point here today.

The voice that tells you what you need to hear is the one we should listen to – it tells us really, really important things, for example it talks to us when we are tolerating (or enduring) something which is unhealthy for us. It’s trying to warn us to change our behaviour or habits. When we ignore it, for whatever reason, it’s a slippery slope to more unnecessary suffering.

It’s the kind of voice that also tells us what’s working for us – yet, strangely, we don’t always seem to hear that one either! This is where will comes in and, in previous recent reflections, we’ve heard about the benefits of hitting pause when things are difficult. When we do that, we can, even if only slowly, start to filter out all the noise and ‘stuff’ in our heads. Then we can hear the voice. Sometimes it’s barely a whisper – but when we want to, we hear it……

The thing to do then? Simple. 

Listen. Accept. Integrate. Act.

When you give that voice the space it needs, it will always tell you what you most need to hear – and that’s often different from want. The thing that you need is that which will give you the most positive outcome to any situation – allow it to motivate you towards the action that will benefit you the most. Overcoming the fear of listening is an act of willpower. You win!

Will you take some time out today, on the last day of the year, before the madness and parties and fireworks deafen you so much that you cannot hear what your inner voice wishes to tell you? Will you give your inner voice space to speak to you lovingly and supportively?

Everyone at Karmic Realms News wishes you a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve. Let your inner voice do the same.

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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