“Forming the habit of daily preparation should be a goal of every success-oriented individual. Good habits unlock the door to success.”- Author unknown


This entire ‘Daily Sharman’ is predicated on the idea of forming such a habit – every day since April 1st we’ve written a piece that is designed to inspire self-improvement and drive positive change everywhere. That’s a good habit to build!

Is it a success? Who’s to say right now – it’s still building – and will continue to grow and evolve into a new habit. For example, it’s only relatively recently we started doing recorded versions, much to the delight of a few regular readers (they’ll be added soon, promise!) Perhaps that new habit counts as a success, maybe that depends on what the goal is?  You can assess that – if you feel motivated by what you read here, then tell us that it worked 🤓

The real test of a positive habit though is when it is challenged by a bad one. At times, for example, the old habit of not feeling good enough, that nobody will be interested – that bad habit occasionally rears its head up from the past and tries to assert itself in my mind. 

That’s an interesting test to face – and the longer this challenge has existed (the aim has been to provide an entire year’s worth of motivational pieces) the easier it has become to overcome that old, bad habit and continue with the “good habit” of the “daily preparation”. Therefore, the chances of succeeding with reaching the goal increase greatly.

Thanks to the new, positive, inspiring habits being formed, it’s become much easier to see open doors whereas, beforehand, the closed doors of ‘writer’s block’, “I can’t do this” or “What’s the point?” may have scuppered the whole thing. Instead, the closed doors became fewer – and I learned to choose the right ones that would open when pushed!

What habits get in the way of your success, of reaching your goals? Which ones can you face down, right now, replacing them over time with ones that stop hindering you but assist?

Love, light and no more closed doors! 🚪❌ 🏆

Jim Sharman



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