“Happiness is an attitude of the mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances.” – J. Donald Walters


It really is all in the mind. 

Think you’re unhappy? Guess what, you’ll be unhappy! 

That said, one of the first techniques to reorient “an attitude of the mind” back towards “happiness” is to address one’s physical state. It’s easier and quicker to change how your body is responding to a situation than it is to change how your mind does.

So, if you’re feeling a bit down, you can accelerate your determination by altering your physical state first: breathing, posture, even facial expressions – all can be used to change your ‘state of mind’. Mirror work can help, as mentioned back on April 1st. 

If that’s too metaphysical for you, then just stay with the physical! Do some exercise – anything that can get you out of the physical manifestations of a bad or low mood…

…do that and your mind follows!

There is plenty of science-based evidence out there for why this works, so find out what activity works for you to get you out of ‘bad’ state and into ‘happy’ state.

I find that going for a thrashing bike ride, or a Body Pump session in the gym, or a long, invigorating walk in the forest, will clear my mind of most, if not all, worries, Sure, I might feel tired afterwards but, more often than not, also exhilarated, enthused with renewed purpose. 

Once you have altered your state and rebalanced the mind, the rest is about determination and belief. If you are determined to remain in a positive state, and believe you can face all situations with a can-do mindset, you are far more likely to succeed in that. Then, whenever challenges present themselves, you are better prepared to respond with positive energy.

What’s troubling you today? How is it affecting you physically? What can you change about that RIGHT NOW? Change how your body is responding then let your mind follow…

Love and light,

Jim Sharman




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