“Happiness is something that you bring to life.” – Dr Wayne Dyer

Photo: Jim Sharman

Now this one is clever – because it can be interpreted in two subtly different ways……

Firstly, you can say that “bring”, in this context, is similar to “carry” or “introduce”. So, your happiness is something that you yourself introduce into your life. Imagine it as a gift that you offer to improve your experience of your existence – a thing you bring to the altar of life itself.

The other meaning that can be interpreted is that happiness is something that you yourself create and nurture, helping it to grow, to breathe and to develop – therefore making it alive.

Either way, you are creating a beautiful thing which, if you let it, will enrich your life.

If you already consider yourself to have happiness, then just do a quick check-in now; are you bringing it fully into your life? If not, what’s holding you back? Fear, scarcity, insecurity?

If you consider yourself not to have happiness, then perhaps you can consider this; it’s yours to create, to make alive. The only thing holding you back now is you. Of course, there are stages to go through in order to create that happiness (there are suggestions peppered throughout the Daily Sharman to help you find it!)

It’s already inside you……if you look……

And, even then, once discovered, you then should consider the first of the above ifs – because when you have happiness, it’s time to bring it all to the table!

What can you do today to create more happiness from within you? Is there something you’ve been putting off, perhaps feeling you aren’t worthy of it, or don’t believe it’s achievable?

Yes you are! Yes you can! Say yes to happiness!

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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