“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi


Just two days ago, we looked at the words of Sudha Murty, which encouraged us to look at whether we really like what we do and are doing what we really like.

Today, we have another helpful happiness formula to consider, a trilogy of things to ensure are congruent. This helps us stay on a sure path of integrity – as long as what we think, say and do are positive! It’s of course possible for us to have harmonious thought, speech and action which are destructive, but that then puts us out of harmony with the world.

In this sense then, “harmony” includes not only congruence within ourselves, it also includes the concept of how we choose to interact with others, our positive contribution to the betterment of humanity and our desire to foster mutual cooperation and growth.

The invitation therefore is for us to ensure we maintain positivity of thought, that our words match those thoughts and are ones of kindness, support, compassion and love (even when offering critical analysis of thought or deed by another) and that our actions support our beliefs in a way that hold ourselves to account and pass close scrutiny in case of doubt.

One of the ways we maintain consistency with The Daily Sharman, in relation to the sense of harmony to which Gandhi refers, is to ensure that every piece is carefully thought through, purposely written with words of sincerity, then checked to ensure that they adhere to the central values and mission determined by Karmic Realms News – even the choice of picture is conscious and needs to be in harmony with the text. All this is done ahead of publishing.

It is our fervent desire to ensure that we act in harmony with the rest of the world by setting the positive example described in the earlier invitation. Let us know how we’re doing……

In the meantime, the second invitation today is for you to consider whether your thoughts, words and actions are in harmony within yourself and are making positive contributions to the world. Which area might you need to focus more on to gain and maintain balance?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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