“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” – William Shakespeare


Candles have featured in a few of our reflections, most notably back in July with a quote from Buddha about how a thousand candles can be lit from one without diminishing the light from the first.

Good deeds work in the same way – one simple thing you do for the benefit of another can start a chain reaction the power of which you have no way of predicting and one which takes nothing away from the light and heat of your own flame, which is free to continue inspiring.

It’s tempting to lose oneself in the idea that the world is cruel and nobody cares for anybody – this simply isn’t true – whilst there might be times it feels this way, it’s vital we remember the choices we have – whether our candle is kept under wraps or is allowed to shine from the rooftops to join others and spread light. 

By choosing to be the positive example in the world, we encourage others to join in and be the same way – thus we create a kinder world with more awareness, support, compassion and love within it.

The act of kindness you show anyone today might be simple for you but could represent all the difference that that person needs for them to believe not just in a better future but a more worthy self. Massive change can enter your life too, as the result of just one positive, loving gesture. Being the difference in someone else’s life could make the huge difference to your life that’s been waiting to happen. Try it and find out……

Your deed doesn’t need to be a material one either – there are so many ways to give.

A word of encouragement can make all the difference to someone with a confidence crisis they’ve been hiding, or a word of forgiveness can be all that’s needed for someone to make a lasting change to their future behaviour, or just holding space for someone who is suffering or grieving can be all that’s needed for them to work through their emotions and embrace life again with new hope and expectation.

What “good deed” can you do today that shines welcome, loving light into someone’s life?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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