“Humility is the surest sign of strength.”- Thomas Merton


Yesterday’s piece briefly referenced how people practising rituals of some kind or other in a “showing off” kind of way may lead to them being judged, whereas they might just be experimenting with different ways of expressing themselves. It might appear insincere at first (or might actually also be consciously done just to fit in somehow) but the introduction to a new practice is a good start and that “humility will come later……”

We’ve also previously explored how being humble is not a sign of weakness – far from it! One way in which we can practise humility is to own up to our shortcomings, our mistakes or our own judgements of others who are starting out on a different way of expressing themselves! By becoming more self-aware of moments like these, we become stronger.

The kind of strength meant here isn’t one that can be used in a power-over move or anything like that, it’s more of an inner strength, one which positively contributes to an increase in not only our own self-awareness but also things like confidence, self-esteem and, at the most crucial times when we feel we want to beat ourselves up, it can boost self-love instead.

That’s the sort of strength we can fall back on when times get tough, when we slip up or fall short or someone else’s – or our own – expectations. And, at the risk of repetition, our own public admission of fault is something that takes courage, guts and confidence. 

This is why it is a sign of strength – and it will gain you far more respect than doubling down on fault or passing blame elsewhere. The surest sign of strength is, therefore, when you’re positively strong in character and resolve – and at times, this means being humble!

What can you do for someone today to demonstrate – not prove, but practise – your humility?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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