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“If we take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.” – Benjamin Franklin


It takes approximately two minutes to read or listen to one of these reflections. That’s one hundred and twenty seconds, give or take a few……

Clearly, it takes longer to write them!

That said, they’re never rushed – each one is thought about, considered, sometimes put to one side until inspiration strikes. Indeed, the act of putting it to one side sometimes creates the space needed for the inspiration to arrive – and when it does, it flows like water!

Those precious minutes spent wisely help to bring forward words that can have an enduring impact long after the one hundred and twenty seconds it takes to read or to listen to them have passed. Therefore it’s vital to ensure that those minutes of preparation are not wasted.

The type of preparation itself might vary, yet the outcome should be the same – a creation that can have an effect on someone for years! Just think for a moment back to something you might have read years ago that influenced how you think or feel about your world so much so that even today it resonates and continues to influence you.

Whilst that might not be the aim of my creation, the hope is that these one hundred and twenty seconds will in some way inspire you to make your own creations, taking care of the minutes needed to make space for their fruition and which may benefit you and others for years to come……

What you do with these precious minutes can build foundations for decades – spend them wisely, with people who inspire you – if you can’t find someone to inspire you, be an inspiration to others – be medicine for them, let them spend precious minutes with you!

What can you do today, in just a few minutes, that will benefit you and others for much, much longer, which can make a lasting, positive impact. What can you create?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



  1. I’m very amazed of your ability to make meaningful connection with the knowledge and wisdom you have to then mend it into a few minute long daily reflections, and now already 280 days in a row! 😊

    It is very inspiring to see your dedication and motivation. 🙏Thank you for all of it 💖

    • Namaste Evelyn

      It’s a labour of love, for sure – and I am equally amazed by your dedication and commitment to not only reading them but also by your seemingly insatiable curiosity and appetite to find meaning in them and apply that to your own life. It’s totally inspirational to me – so I also thank you – for all of it <3


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