“It seems like everything sleeps in winter, but it’s really a time of renewal and reflection.” – Elizabeth Camden

Photo: Jim Sharman.

With many parts of the northern hemisphere currently nestled beneath a beautiful blanket of whiteness and stillness, it’s easy to imagine that life is in a state of suspended animation for weeks or months on end.

As numerous species of animals hibernate, we too find ourselves taking shelter in cosy cabins or heated homes, not wanting to step out into biting, northerly winds or arctic freezing days and nights. Indeed, as I write this, it is -15C and still as white as a luxury hotel bed sheet outside.

Yet, underneath that blanket, burrowed deep into the earth for protection, those hibernating animals rest, awaiting warmer days when the rays of the sun can heat the land and their bodies once more, whereas we humans remain awake and active all year round.

During these winter months, many of us take time out, either alone or with friends and family, to consider, ponder and reflect on not just the year that has passed but also to muse over where we have come in our lives overall – and where we might be headed.

This period of apparent stillness is actually remarkably active; just as the hibernating hedgehog’s heart beats, so does our own. We are both alive and we both await Spring…… 

Some of us though tend to do so with unnecessary melancholy, or sadness at the darkness and cold. Instead, learn a lesson from Mother Nature and use this time positively, to consider what you might do differently this year, to re-evaluate your priorities in life, to determine what to let go of that’s not working for you and what to embrace more of that is!

Winter’s blessing is the invitation to slow down, to take stock and to plan ahead. The chill of the air is a cleansing one that can freshen your lungs, your mind, your very soul.

What warmth can you create in your beating heart today, to drive you through the wind and snow in joyous anticipation of the rejuvenation to be brought by milder months coming?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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