“It’s not a waste of energy if it makes you happy!”- Emma Kellan


Four years ago, my friend Emma responded to a post I made on a discussion forum, on which the idea of these daily articles was first born. The post was originally about how much of a waste of energy it is doing unnecessary things efficiently. Emma flipped it around and threw new light on how it feels to be told that doing what you love is useless. 

If you’ve ever been told that then you’ll know how deflating, belittling and unsupportive that is. It’s also 100% subjective! So here’s an idea for you……

The next time you see a child playing, observe whether or not you have a tendency to critically examine their behaviour and think thoughts like, “Oh, he’s doing that all wrong!” or, “If she did it this way, it’d be quicker!” or even, “Pfff – that makes no sense!” All such thoughts totally miss the point of the child’s purpose – which is to enjoy – and perhaps to learn – but primarily it’s to enjoy. In experimenting through play, we learn important skills anyway.

We could extend that now to our adult lives, in that what we do when we’re not earning our wage is often considered a ‘hobby’, something we do in our free time and we enjoy – and we’re back to subjectivity again – it’s our time, our activity and our derived sense of enjoyment; none of that can be considered a “waste of energy” by anyone but us. 

In fact, it can be so constructive that we end up turning that hobby or interest into the very thing that earns us our living (musicians, actors, writers – you know what I mean here!) When that happens, it can be considered the very opposite of a “waste of energy” – not only does it make us happy, it supports our lifestyle – and truly blessed is the person who achieves that! 

The pursuit of happiness inevitably requires us to expend energy. Instead of criticising our friends or family members for what we see as a “waste”, we can instead support them, especially when we see how happy it makes them when they are doing what they do!

In supporting them, we offer the kind of encouragement that can result in unexpected benefits that we all can share – materially or otherwise! How much of a waste of energy would it seem then if you directly benefit from the happiness of someone close to you who is doing what makes them happy?

As the famous meme advises, “Do more of what makes you happy!” What kind of a world could we have then…..?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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