“Learn to love the sound of your feet walking away from things not meant for you.” – Author unknown


If ever there is a lesson in personal sovereignty, i.e. taking full charge and full responsibility for your own outcomes in life, it’s this one. 

When you stay somewhere, or with someone, against your better judgement, when it is no longer healthy to do so, then the person who is most harmed is yourself.

The most positive, motivating and inspirational act when these times occur is to cease tolerating the circumstances surrounding the thing, place or person “not meant for you”.

It might feel exceptionally hard to do so – painful even, especially if you feel you have invested so much already – yet consider what the better return on that investment is. 

Just because you are walking away, it doesn’t equate to loss or to abandonment. Instead, you can (and sometimes should) see it as ‘cashing in’ on your investment, taking on board the many lessons you can learn from this experience – it’s not wasted – it has more value than you know!

Far from abandoning yourself or anyone else, you are in fact coming home to yourself, caring for yourself. As we’ve seen before, if you don’t, how can you expect others to?

This is not selfishness. This is self-compassion. This is a choice you make, one that sees you stopping the act of giving away your energy. You re-establish your boundaries and reclaim your sovereignty. There is nothing more powerful in life than taking your power back!

Put aside misleading feelings of guilt or defeat or embarrassment – push past any sense of misplaced loyalties or commitments – embrace instead the positive power of putting yourself, your health, your wellbeing, your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual needs first.

The person you owe the most to in life is you and the person whom you can most betray is yourself, precisely by not walking away when you should. 

If it helps, you can shift the perspective – you’re not walking away from something, rather you’re walking towards it.

Welcome home – welcome back to you.

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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