“Life is a series of sales situations and the answer is, “No!” if you don’t ask!”- Patricia Fripp



Amusing, without being pithy, this line is reminiscent of one of the oldest schools of thought in old school sales training – namely the single most common error committed – that of neglecting to actually ask for the sale. 

You’ve done all the hard work – identified the need, addressed the pain point, proposed the solution, answered all the questions, and dealt with the objection – then many people, surprisingly, assume the sale is done – but forgot to ask!

Fripp’s line invites you to consider how a life lived like that would look – when you do all the hard work, the soul-searching, the wound-cleansing, the hurt-healing, the groundwork and research for your skills, the learning, the re-learning……

……so many tasks designed to improve yourself and your life – only to see the opportunities manifest themselves – and you forget to say, “Yes!” to them!

What a waste of time, effort, energy, and love that would be, right?

So, what can you do instead?

When you’re doing all that hard work, all that slog to make your situation better, don’t forget the part about keeping your eyes, ears, heart, mind, and soul open to the very situations you seek – as they reveal themselves to you, it’s your awareness that will spot them – and then you can take full advantage of their creation and existence.

If you don’t, if you fail to respond to the answers your questioning presents, it’s like literally saying, “No!” to everything you’ve ever wanted……

What are you asking life for at the moment, something you’ve worked so hard to create the right circumstances for, but haven’t yet had the courage to act and say a big, “YES!” to yourself and to life itself?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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