“Losers let things happen; they’re creatures of circumstances. Winners make things happen; they’re creators of circumstances.”- David Dean


This is a lovely and poetic way of describing the difference between just allowing things to happen to you and actually taking more control over what does – and then moulding events to be more congruent with your chosen path.

We’ve looked before at this idea of how we’re not what happens to us, rather we are what we do with what happens to us and that’s all fine and well at that level – until we realise there’s a deeper one we can go to – intention and manifestation……

When you see that word “creators”, what springs to mind? It’s certainly not “victim of circumstance” or “passive bystander” – no – “creators” make things happen, often out of nothing more than a simple idea where nothing existed before (or perhaps improving upon the spark of an idea, or adjusting a plan or project already underway but not going well).

We have the power to create our own experience – in fact, let’s go one step further and declare that we have the responsibility towards ourselves to do so! This doesn’t always mean changing the actual sequence of events or their outcomes, although it could do – it often, however, means that we adjust how we perceive what’s going on around us – thus creating a new perspective of the reality we’re faced with.

When we change how we see events that at first appear negative or demotivating, we present ourselves with the option to view things through a more positive or inspirational lens – where there was adversity, we see opportunity – it’s a choice. Every circumstance we encounter offers the same choice, one that only we ourselves can and should make.

What’s happening to you today that you can shift and make happen for you? Will you see yourself as a winner in more circumstances by adjusting perspective positively?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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