7 Habits of Effective Motivation

Start every week with this motivation framework to become a better professional, loving family member and thriving person.

Discovering the passion within what you do will make your work greater than mere routine, task-execution processes.

Think of the desired result first, then work your creativity. It perhaps sounds odd and illogical, but it often sparks much more creative solutions.

The Eisenhower Matrix is a productivity, prioritisation and time-management framework designed to help you prioritise a list of tasks or agenda items by first categorising those items according to their urgency and importance.

Seek outcomes that will make all parties happy. Find common ground. 

Sometimes one wants to be heard rather than hear a reply in return.

Make allies instead of competitors. Have the courage to share, or ask for, more than a couple of opinions.

Leave your professional life at work. Make the most out of time with friends and family.


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