“Never let your memories be greater than your dreams” – Doug Ivester


To make better sense of this one, treat it back-to-front, where you think ahead, to what your achieved dream would feel like and how you might remember it – then work backwards to create a bigger version of that dream, one that is no less than the one you just imagined achieving……

The older I get the less significance I place on nostalgia (it really ain’t what it used to be, haha!) – so instead, more of my effort goes into looking ahead and creating new dreams and, consequently, the memory remains in the past, the energy remains focussed on the future.

Also, sometimes, how we remember something isn’t necessarily how it happened anyway! So take the nice memory, remember it as such, but then take only what you need from that and look forward to the next dream that you can accomplish.

What dream are you working towards at the moment? How much further towards its accomplishment can you travel today? What nice memory would you like to take from today’s success and feed into tomorrow’s……?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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