“Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” – Albert Einstein


The principle of this one seems pretty straightforward enough – it’s about value and worth, which can be both abstract and non-abstract concepts. The difficulty might arise when it is hard to distinguish between the two……and it’s always a subjective thing.

What is of high value to you today might not be of high value tomorrow – or vice versa.

Maybe a lot of this depends on one’s approach to things like material objects; e.g. which is more important – the resale value of the family home or the sentimental value of the family heirloom? Even though we’re talking about objects here, we’re not dealing with absolutes……so let’s stop trying.

Instead, the invitation is to remember that just because something cannot have a price tag attached, it doesn’t mean it lacks value. In fact, many of those things are invaluable, beyond material pricing; for some, it’s more about friendships, connections, partners, families – whereas for others, it’s the number of likes, followers or subscribers that they have on their social media posts and accounts. Value is entirely subjective in all this too.

Here then is an opportunity for you to press pause in your life for a moment and take stock of those invaluable things, to reflect on what is truly important to you – whether it’s an object of sentimental value (there’ll be a reason for that) or a particular friendship or connection (there’ll be a reason for that too).

If we place our focus more on ‘why’ than on ‘what’, then we can dig deeper into our motivation for valuing something – then its true value can be seen.

And that’s where we’ll stop for today, with the invitation to take stock and consider ‘value’.

What, or who, in your life is most valuable to you? Why?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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