“Practising egotism and selfishness, they try to impress others by showing off. They perform all sorts of rituals, but they gain no acceptance.” – Sri Guru Granth Sahib


You can assign “they” to anyone around you who does the above – just be careful to stay out of judgement. Observation is one thing, but judgement is another, diminishing those whom you are judging. Everybody is in a learning space; perhaps the exposure to the rituals referenced is a great introduction for someone – humility will come later……

There is nobody to whom we need to show off or impress – not even ourselves – for that is still egotism and selfishness – just because nobody else is watching, it doesn’t make it right!

Over the years, since first reading the guru’s line, I have increasingly applied it to myself as a check-and-balance sort of thing. We all can. Will we get it right all the time? Of course not! We will all get it wrong at times – but when we remain open to learning when we tend to get it wrong, always seeking opportunities to apply that learning, what others might see as “showing off” will therefore happen less frequently as our sincerity increases.

Regarding acceptance – I’ve found that if you seek it, you rarely get it. Instead, we can raise our intention to be accepted by others through our deeds – but not for the sake of having done them, rather for how those deeds can benefit others. 

If we are still not accepted, that’s okay too; as long as we are certain that our deeds are honourable ones, we should do them for the sake of honour and integrity – not solely for acceptance itself – for that isn’t, and shouldn’t be, the goal. 

We are more easily and willingly accepted through our authenticity – and, more often than not, those we seek to impress already know the difference – so why be anything else other than real? That’s the way to go.

What can you do today for someone that is neither egotistical nor selfish and yet requires no illusions of acceptance on your part? What can you truly give someone today?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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