“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest one in your life.” – Steve Maraboli


Imagine a situation where you feel stuck in a rut, or trapped by circumstance, maybe having taken your eye off your goal and now find yourself in a place you neither expected nor wanted to be. What would you do – continue down a path that clearly isn’t meant for you or look for a way back to a direction that is?

We come back to choice, another of the themes that runs through these reflections – remember, we are where we are as a result of every decision we ever made. That is not to say you should beat yourself up for feeling stuck, quite the opposite – also remember that we cannot possibly predict where our decisions take us – sometimes circumstances change beyond even our wildest expectations or fears – what’s needed is continuous awareness.

The more aware we are of where we are, the more open we become to the choices and options that exist which will help us move away from the bad place and into the good one. So when it comes to making massive changes in our circumstances, it doesn’t always require a massive decision – sometimes the simplest one creates the biggest effect.

It could be as simple as turning left instead of right on a walk through town, which takes you to a café you don’t normally visit and, as you sit there drinking a cup of coffee, you start a conversation with a stranger, who turns out to be the man, woman or career partner of your dreams and you will look back in 20 or 30 years and realise that had you turned right instead of left, you might never have met that person……simple things can have huge outcomes!

Every change we make in our lives has an impact – it might be a small one that creates ripples we don’t notice for some time – it might be instantaneous and we notice right away – yet that change is there – and it’s only through changing something about our lives that something changes in our lives – it’s all about decision. So, make that choice to change. Sometimes the only thing stopping us is the fear of the decision itself……

Which way are you going today? What if you try a different route? Will you summon up the courage to make a change to your life, now, today? Turn left instead – see what happens!

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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