“Spontaneity is rocket fuel for creativity.” – Jim Sharman

Photo: Jim Sharman

How many times have you found yourself stuck when trying to create something; a story, a poem, a painting, or a draft for an important work report or email or even a speech on stage?

Sometimes we find ourselves trying so hard to get it done, using ‘process x’ or ‘system y’ but end up frustrated or so distracted by the method itself that it actually gets in the way of finding the outcome we’re looking for.

If you find yourself in this position, try this – nothing.

“Nothing?” – well……yes, kind of! Just switch off. Clear your mind of all thoughts, especially of any judgement for ‘not getting it right yet’, because that’s not helping you! Take a few seconds, minutes or hours – as short as you feel you need (or as long as you can get away with, depending if there’s a deadline involved!) – and simply close your eyes and breathe. 

Feel into yourself. As you breathe in, feel the air rush through your nostrils, the relative cool of it, down your throat and into your lungs – fill them full – so your diaphragm pushes your belly out like a cartoon character!

Then, feel the air come back out – let it push out through your mouth, puffing your cheeks out, feeling the warmth as it passes over your lips. Repeat a few times – sit comfortably still – just feeling – as each out-breath can translate to a physical expulsion of creative blockages.

You’ve just filled your brain with oxygenated blood – and you’ve relaxed – so, when you reopen your eyes and you see that report draft in front of you, or that half-finished painting, or that blank piece of paper that is begging for a poem to be written on it, you can approach the task with clean thought, clear intention and crisp, fresh energy.

Then write or build or sing the first thing that comes to your fingertips, your hands, your voice, your very being. Let spontaneity be the guide for the next step in what you are looking to create. You’d be amazed what your subconscious mind had prepared for you all along…..!

By the way, it’s what I do if ever I’m stuck writing these passages – and it always works 🤔🤩

What can you create today, just by letting go of all processes and simply ‘being’? Where could your imagination take you…..?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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