The Daily Sharman

‘The Daily Sharman’: a series of reflections by Jim Sharman.

In 2014, I was in Mumbai, a Consultant to Reliance Industries’ incredibly exciting and ambitious telecom project, ‘Jio’. It was my first time in India; I was excited, nervous, inspired and awestruck, in equal measure, by the sheer scale of the task, the country, the culture… 

To help me remain centred and inspired, I bought a desktop diary from a bookshop. Inside was a different picture each day of a beautiful scene from somewhere in the vastness of India, under which was an inspirational quotation by a wide variety of people from all over the world. I have kept that diary faithfully with me everywhere I travel. 

Now, on Karmic Realms News, I have the opportunity not only to share each day these inspirational words but also what each quotation means to me personally. It doesn’t end there though – because the purpose of doing this is to invite you, the reader, to consider what each quotation means to you too!

If my own thoughts inspire you, great – although, in doing this, I am more interested in how each quotation might move and inspire you. The invitation is then for you to go out and inspire others through your own actions. 

Share the positivity, my friends. Namaste 🙏

Jim Sharman
Tallinn, April 2021