“The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days.” – Robert Leighton

"The flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days." - Robert Leighton

Read/listen to that again – “Even on cloudy days.” That’s amazing……and something that can and should inspire all of us, whenever we feel that the source of our inspiration, energy, hope or belief is eluding us.

It isn’t. It’s still there.

Just because we cannot see our source, it doesn’t mean it’s no longer having a positive effect on us. 

Behind the clouds, behind the scenes, behind our fears or worries, behind our self-imposed negative belief systems, our “What’s the point?”s, etc……behind all these things, our motivation for pursuing our dreams is still there.

The sunflower has no eyes yet it senses the movement of its energy source and still tracks it throughout the cloudy days – and so can we, by remembering our reason for being, our reason for doing.

Even after enough cloudy days for a sunflower to ‘forget’ its inbuilt circadian rhythm, it will still face upright and grow, resisting gravity’s pull, until the sun comes back and it relearns to track it once more. 

What a great metaphor for our own lives……and motivation to show others how to survive the times when our light source is dimmed.

Never let go of the knowledge that, as sure as night will follow this day, a new day will follow this night. You can still keep shining – be your own sun on cloudy days or during nights.

Which way will you face today if you cannot see your sun? Downcast and wondering where it’s gone, or upright, trusting it will return and tracking it anyway?

Love and sunlight 🌻

Jim Sharman



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