“The little wheels in the back of the watch are just as important as the hands of the watch.” – Author unknown


At first glance, this might appear to be something of a trite, or patronising, reference to ‘the little people’ who sit behind the actions of ‘the big people’, or a glib metaphor about leadership. Relax – we’re not going there with this one, that’s not our philosophy……

Instead, let us take a look at ourselves and use a different metaphor, one that is much more relatable at the individual level and to everything that we are, inside and out.

We can, for example, compare the watch’s hands with our own, as well as our arms, bodies, legs, eyes, mouths, faces – it’s everything that someone sees as the outward expression of your personality. We are not just the watch’s hands, we’re the watch’s face, the numbers on the dial, the colour of the strap, every single little detail that is visible – that’s our outer self.

Now consider that, as we’ve examined in numerous previous reflections, our outward expressions of self are determined by everything that is going on inside us. Every single thought we have, every single emotion we feel, every single reaction in our minds, hearts, or other inner body parts – everything that is happening within us is like a little wheel in the back of the watch – and it is they which determine our decisions and our outer responses.

This is why there’s a lot of talk about being mindful of how you allow yourself to feel or think and it’s also why we are encouraged to pay close attention to every emotion that results from how we feel and think. All of these little wheels represent choices – we choose how those wheels move and, therefore, the impact each movement has on the watch’s hands.

Given it’s all about choice, it’s best to have as many of these choices made consciously, from a position of alert self-awareness, lest we allow the wheels to run away with themselves and our actions become more of a ‘stimulus-response’ thing. When we are more aware of our inner workings, we can adjust our outer expressions more easily.

How aware are you of the tiny movements made by even the littlest wheels in the back of the watch of your persona? Will you take some time today to find a place of peace and stillness, to feel into their movement and sense how they influence your decisions and actions?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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