The Liveability Challenge 2021: 1M Singapore Dollar Grant Funding for Green Ideas


The ‘Temasek Foundation’ of Singapore, along with digital media company ‘Eco-Business’, are hosting the ‘Liveability Challenge 2021’ and are accepting proposals for disruptive, game-changing ideas to support accelerated decarbonisation and tackle the issue of increasingly scarce natural resources.

To qualify for funding, innovations must meet the following criteria:

  1. reduce, capture or convert emissions into useful products
  2. be either technology-based or nature-based solutions
  3. be carbon negative
  4. be commercially viable and scalable

Last date for submitting applications is the 15th of April 2021. 

Global carbon dioxide emissions are higher than ever, causing climate change which affects all life on our planet. One of the aims of ‘The Liveability Challenge 2021’ is to reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as its removal at scale. 

The finalist ideas/innovations will be competing before some of Asia’s most sought-after investors, to convince them that their own ideas are impactful for positive environmental and climate changes, as well as creating rare business opportunities. 

The prizes for the best solutions are:

  1. Up to SGD 1M in grants funding for project development by Temasek Foundation
  2. Minimum of SGD50,000 investment by Planet Rise
  3. Singapore SGD50,000  investment by Amasia
  4. Singapore SGD50,000 investment by Silverstrand Capital

Details of ‘The Liveability Challenge 2021’, plus the link for submitting applications, can be found at

Nitin Nanda




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