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“The path to greatness requires simplicity and diligence. It requires each of us to focus on what is vital and eliminate all extraneous distractions.” – Jim Collins


Can you recall a time when, either in your personal or your professional life, the barriers to something you were trying to achieve turned out to be of your own making, or the failure to reach a goal was at least partially caused by you going off on a tangent, not remaining focussed. Did you allow yourself to be too distracted by non-vital tasks or opinions?

Sometimes the principle of ‘KISS’ really does work – ‘Keep It Short & Sweet’, or ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid!’ for anyone who’s not seen it! Okay, that could fall into the category of being flippant – yet it makes a valid point. At times, the distraction could involve getting yourself lost in the details, or overthinking something. Either way, it gets in the way.

So, the diligence part of this one really resonates. It’s not enough to say, “There’s my goal! I have identified it and realised my intention! Therefore it shall become!” If we allow ourselves to lose sight along the way and be drawn into things that are not congruent with the end goal, we risk a deviation that will result in a totally different outcome and, often, that outcome might be at odds with our intended aim.

Be true to your aim then – and do not allow yourself to be deviated – or distracted – especially not by any outside influence that isn’t supportive! If you’ve ever been told, quite firmly, that in someone’s opinion, one of your goals is impossible to achieve, politely thank them for their view and steadfastly decide for yourself what’s possible or not!

What are you aiming for that you can refocus on today? The end of the week is usually a good day for reflection, so reflect!

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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