“The wise do not expect to find life worth living. They make it that way.”- Ancient Greek Proverb


I was wondering at first where this one was going……..then it made sense. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the old Latin proverb, “Faber esse suae quisque fortunae!”, which translates roughly to you are the maker, or “architect”, of your own fortune, here “fortune” relating more to “destiny” (or “luck” as some might call it), and not as in monetary fortune.

Speaking of architects, the Latin proverb that the Greek one reminds me of is attributed to Appius Claudius Caecus who, in spite of being blind, was the architect of the great Roman road, the Via Appia, as well as the Aqua Appia, the first aqueduct into Ancient Rome – which just goes to show what one can accomplish in spite of obstacles which would floor less strong-willed people!

When it comes to making your own life one you consider worth living, it’s important to find one’s purpose and identity. A good starting point for that is to be aware of one’s own values and beliefs, the things which motivate you to behave the way you do – and having a focus on positive outcomes helps to ensure that positive outcomes happen.

When we struggle with that, one way to assist in overcoming it is to observe and attempt to learn from behaviours and their impact, as well as to take responsibility for all our actions and decisions – then we can refocus on purpose and identity, accepting and dealing with all the challenges we face along the way. Herein lies the wisdom to find life worth living!

When your calling in life is to work with others to assist them to identify their purpose to get in touch with themselves, to establish their own sense of worth, it’s vital to remember to keep an eye on your own development and not lose oneself in their journey. This takes discipline, yet the rewards are massive……not only for yourself but for those whom you serve too.

What are you doing today that helps to ensure the same outcome for yourself? Could you describe your purposes in one paragraph?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman
14.03.2022 🙏


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