“The world is filled with willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.” – Robert Frost


Let’s keep this really simple – because, as we’ve mentioned many times already in these articles, only doing gets things done!

Are you the kind of person that wishes they could do something but you tell yourself you can’t or you don’t deserve to? That doesn’t get things done……

Are you the kind of person who has an idea, expresses it and then waits for someone else to put it into action (and then maybe try to take the credit afterwards??) – that might get things done……but you can’t look yourself in the mirror afterwards with honesty – because you didn’t do it!

Riding on the coattails of others isn’t “work” – not only do you take advantage of others but you sell yourself short too, kidding yourself that others’ success is shared with or, worse, owned by you. Well, it isn’t. Because only doing it yourself really gets it done, with integrity and honour.

Maybe you’re not doing what needs to be done because you’re afraid of success, instead wallowing in the hope that somebody else will do it and you can claim it afterwards? There might be others with the same thing in mind, waiting for someone, anyone, to make the first move – and then nobody gets it done!!! Talk about a lose-lose scenario……

If there’s something you’re passionate about and you care about it and it’s not being done, do it yourself – then it gets done 🙂
So, what are you looking at today that needs to be done? I’ve done this – because nobody else can – it’s mine – and doing it got it done! 

Love and light,

Jim Sharman


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