“There are three constants in life – change, choice and principles.” – Steven Covey

"There are three constants in life - change, choice and principles." - Steven Covey

Bit of a strange one this, something of a head-scratcher and it’s taken some time to start writing about this one.

Why? Well, if change and choice are constants, then the choice of our principles must surely also be open to change – so how can principles be constant if they change?

Which begs the question, “*DO* our principles change over time?”

For some, maybe they do remain constant – maybe the way one views the world doesn’t change that much over time, or at least doesn’t change sufficiently enough for one’s values and beliefs to shift – therefore, yes, our principles would remain the same.

We build our principles upon our word view – the paradigm by which we live our lives – that is, the lens through which we view what we perceive as reality. Now, reality most definitely is constantly changing, as each of us exercises our choices, with the subsequent effects of our choices impacting on us all in one way or another.

If our paradigm shifts, however, then a new reality appears – one which we can either choose to accept or reject. When we reject the new reality, which in itself of course is a choice, we could create conflict with our own set of beliefs – thus our principles can be challenged and the inner conflict might escalate. If we then choose to adjust our principles, they change – and are, therefore, no longer constant.

That said, the new set of principles likely would remain constant……for as long as the new paradigm, the new reality, the new sets of beliefs remain the same. And even therein the other two constants remain valid – those of change and choice.

Whatever reality you encounter, you build a set of principles within it – perhaps this is what Covey refers to – either that or he’s trolling all of us by claiming constancy where none exists! 

Only you know what’s true for you – and that’s a choice.

What choices are you making for change? Do they align with your principles? If one of your principles is to remain open to change, is that also a constant? What do you think?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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