“Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” – Chinese proverb


Everyone has the right to believe whatever they choose to believe – one person might think it’s impossible for you to complete a certain task or achieve a certain objective whereas you might not only believe it is possible, you pursue said task or objective with 100% dedication.

The doubters may continue to doubt and cast their scepticism over you and the proverb appears to suggest that such people be encouraged to cease discouraging you as you work – and that’s one way of looking at it – attempting to get the other party to cease their activity.

Yet, look at it from the viewpoint of understanding and accepting a doubter’s expressions, which are based on a belief system they have which may simply differ from yours – or they might be questioning the method instead, “Sure, it’s technically possible – but not like that!” they might say. 

What’s my point here? It’s only an interruption when you allow yourself to be interrupted. Just in the same way that Eleanor Roosevelt says, “Nobody can humiliate you without your permission!”, nobody can interrupt you unless you let them. It’s possible to remain both fully focussed on, and committed to, your task whilst acknowledging that others don’t accept it.

There are times when you will struggle to keep the noise of doubters’ and cynics’ critique of your objective or methods and these are the times when your resolve will be tested the most.

When you have a belief that it’s possible, that you can and will do it, that nothing will stop you, the real test is when people try to. Oh and it doesn’t always work to just ignore them!

When they persist, it could be because their need to be heard isn’t met. It’s not a case of feeding their need if you acknowledge their attempts to disturb or dissuade you, it can in fact be a great disarming tactic to instead thank them for expressing themselves, assure that you’ve heard what they had to say and that you respect their right to their viewpoint. Then you carry on. What do they have left? Whatever it is, you can choose not to let it affect you.

What are you working on at the moment that others criticise or attack and try to put you off or stop you from doing? Will you take a moment to restate your belief in yourself, acknowledge it’s not universally accepted and then carry on anyway – perhaps even more steadfastly?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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