“View change as the one constant in your life. Welcome it. Expect it. Anticipate it.” – Denis Waitley


Change happens. And always *click!* like that; from the microsecond you make a decision, or act upon an impulse, the situation has changed – or at the very least, your perception of it has changed. Everyone and everything around you is then impacted by that change. 

However, it can take us a while to realise it or benefit from it. The trick is to spot the exact moment when it happens within you or you sense it happening from outside…

…and then embrace it – no matter how uncomfortable it might feel…..as David Bowie sang, “Ch-ch-changes; turn and face the strange!”

Six days ago we looked at the Huxley quotation, about how you deal with experiences, so how you allow change from outside to impact ON you is as much a choice as when change has been actioned BY you. Today we focus on BY you…

So, when the change is your decision, note that it goes through three stages;

i) the moment you make the decision to change

ii) the moment your behaviour starts changing as a result

ii) the moment others notice that in you (and either choose to accept it or not)

Sometimes it takes a while for you to realise that (i) and/or (ii) have happened – sometimes it takes a while for others to see – and sometimes, when you have noticed the change in you, the time gap between you and others noticing can feel incredibly frustrating, especially if your change is a conscious one with the aim of improving your interactions with others…

…so then you practise patience (with yourself and with them) and the discipline to keep the desired changed behaviour going. Even if it seems like others haven’t noticed, don’t let that stop you; because, usually, your intention is positive and, eventually, they’ll get it, even if only subconsciously. Acceptance is their choice to make though – you cannot force them.

What situation are you in at the moment which is changing, or going through a series of changes? A relationship, a job, a project, your health……? How are you managing it? Are you resisting or accepting? 

And when change happens to you or around you, will that change define you or will you embrace it and make it yours?

Love and light,

Jim Sharman



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