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TikTok Lawyer’s Call for Coat Donations Overwhelms Expectations, Aiding Hundreds of Homeless Youth


Criminal attorney and popular TikTok personality Alex Clavering, better known by fans as Lolo, leveraged his big platform this week to request urgent winter coat donations for New York’s vulnerable homeless residents. His followers delivered in spades, buying over 500 warm jackets and other vital cold weather gear to distribute through a local nonprofit.

Lolo explained that through his work as a public defense attorney with the Legal Aid Society of New York, he frequently witnesses vulnerable individuals, often young people, suffering on the streets without adequate clothing or shelter. Having built a connection with his broad audience, Lolo hoped to harness that community for tangible impact. The coats purchased would be distributed to those in need via Connie’s Closet, a local nonprofit dedicated to providing essentials like winter garments to underprivileged and homeless populations. By engaging his follower base, Lolo aimed to supply warmth and dignity to struggling New Yorkers lacking proper cold weather gear this winter.

In a heartfelt video, Lolo first asked his 800,000+ followers to purchase coats off an Amazon wish list for Connie’s Closet, which will hand them out to destitute New Yorkers. He shared that many unhoused individuals are teens and shelters remain dangerously overcrowded, so quality outerwear is direly needed.

Compassionate fans rapidly emptied the wish list. In just 10 hours post-request, over 175 donated coats totaling nearly $10,000 had already shipped out. Stunned by the instant outpouring, Lolo posted grateful updates along the way. By the end, good samaritans purchased the full stock of every listed coat size plus gloves. Commenters then helpfully suggested adding wool socks, base layers, and other winter necessities they’d happily supply. A screenshot of an awestruck thank you email from coat drive organizers even briefly brought Lolo to sentimental tears.

As a public attorney working with underprivileged clients plus an influencer for positive change, Lolo’s altruistic call-to-action embodied his character. But the enormous response and hundreds of New Yorkers soon to be warmed still touched and humbled this “court-appointed hype man.”



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